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What are the steps for recovering a deactivated Twitter account?

Have you deactivated your Twitter account for a while and now want it back? Twitter is a famously used social networking channel by the people in these days for communicating on social media via tweets. Well, a person can recover his deactivated Twitter account within a month after deactivation as to that timeline it is not removed from the records permanently. That is why, if you want your deactivated Twitter account back after deactivation, then make a quick decision before it is too late. Apparently, a few people might not know how to recover a deactivated Twitter account. Hence, the people who don't know the process can follow the right steps for the recovery of a deactivated Twitter account from below.

  • First of all, you have to launch a browser and then visit the official website of Twitter on it
  • Or you can also open the Twitter app on your mobile device
  • Further move towards account login section, then enter your user ID and password
  • Then a pop up will appear on the screen asking for confirmation after entering login credentials
  • After that, you have to tap on the confirm button to allow the recovery of your deactivated account
  • Henceforth, you will be redirected to your Twitter account home page once confirmed
  • Later you have to wait a while until all your previous Tweets, likes, followers are restored

The most reliable method to recover a deactivated Twitter account within one month after removing it and regain the access is finely explained above. Apart from that, in case you have already tried to reactivate your Twitter account, but it doesn't work, then you can receive additional assistance from their technical care department. Besides, you can contact the customer service team of Twitter anytime you encounter some trouble.

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