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How to install printer?

When you buy a new printer you need to install it in order to use it. You would ask how to install printer? You can connect the printer to your computer by using a USB cable, parallel port cable, SCSI cable and after that you can connect the power plug to a power oultlet there in your space. These days most of home computer printers are connected using USB cable. So, you can also use USB cable and install printer after which you can start printing. Once you connect the printer you need to install it. Well, generally all printers come up with the software which can be used to install this printer in your operating system. So, you can follow below steps to install your printer.

1.       After you have plugged in everything you can turn on your computer.

2.       Now you need to insert the CD which comes with your printer. Then click the Setup or Install file. If you have downloaded the drivers already then you need to run the set up file.

3.       Now you can follow the installation wizard and once this gets completed your printer software is installed.

4.       Now you can test your printer if it is working or not.

Printer not printing

If your printer is not printing for some reason then you need to identify the reason and then fix the problem after which your printer should start working.

Printer not working

If your printer is not working then there might be some issue related to software or hardware which you need to identify and fix in order to fix the problem.

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