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How to Install HP Printer Without CD

HP is a USA based multinational IT company offers wide ranges of products like desktop, laptop, printer, server, computer accessories etc. HP printers are widely used by all kind of users across the globe. In order to use HP printer, we need software, which comes in a CD along with the printer. We need to install the software in the computer and connect with the printer through Wi-Fi. But what if we do not have the software CD. How to install HP printer without CD? Here we are going to discuss the process of installing HP printer without a CD. You can follow the steps carefully and do the same for you if you do not have a CD. If somehow you are not able to install your HP Printer  then you can contact on HP Printer Technical Support for instant help on the 24x7 basis

How to Install HP Printer Without CD on Windows 10

Since Windows 10 is a new operating system and very popular one, here we will talk about How to install HP printer without CD on Windows 10. You can easily do that with the USB cable that you can get with HP printer.
· Keep the printer close to your computer
· Now plug the printer’s USA cable into the computer and plug the known USB end to your printer
· Then turn on the HP printer and go to start menu of your windows 10 computer
· Then type Printers and Scanners into start to search
· Click on Printers & Scanners
· Then click on Add a printer or scanner
· Now click on the HP printers name displayed on the window
· Now follow the installation steps to install the HP printer

How to Install HP Printer Without CD on Windows 8

People who are using the Windows 8 computer may want to know How to install HP printer without CD on Windows 8. Well, the process of installation is same as Windows 10. You can follow the steps as discussed above and do the same. If you have any issues with the installation process you can consult with an expert or try downloading the software directly from the HP website

How to Install HP Printer Without CD on Mac

Many people prefer to use MAC system and therefore they may need to know How to install HP printer without a CD on MAC. Since there are some differences in the steps in compare to installation in windows, we are here going to discuss the steps

· First of all, you must ensure that the HP printer is compatible with MAC
· Now connect the printer with MAC through the USB cable
· Now turn on your printer
· Click on Install when prompted on your Mac computer
· Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation process
If you facing trouble with installation of HP printers in Windows or Mac computers, then get help from technical experts.

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