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How to fix Gmail error 105: Connection Failed

If you are not able to use the Gmail or anything else on your Google Chrome browser because you are getting an error 105 message on your computer screen, it means that the DNS lookup is failed in your device. This problem may occur if there is an issue with the Google Chrome or internet connection you are using.

You can get the Gmail error 105 fixed by following the troubleshooting instructions given below:

1- Clear the Cache & Cookies:

You need to clean up the cache and the cookies from the Google Chrome web browser. Also clean up the memory of the device you are using so that there is no Adware, malware, spyware or another harmful file remaining in your device and then try to use the Chrome

2-  Check Internet Connection:

Check the internet connection and make sure you are connected with the network properly. If you are not connected with the good internet connection, you might not be able to fix this issue.

3- Check for internet Security and Firewalls:

 Temporarily turn off the internet security and the antivirus service in your device and try to use google chrome.

If you are not able to get the issue resolved using the instruction, you need to contact the Google customer service team and get further assistance for the same.

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