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How to change number on apple id or iCloud account?

A lot of people use Apple devices and know very well that they need to have an Apple id to use an log in medium and as well as a security lock to protect all the personal data from getting hacked or misused. Now a lot of users update their apple id with the backup mediums such as phone number and email id to protect their accounts in case they forget the username or password. 

How to change phone number on iCloud account?

Now if in between all of this, if you want to change phone number on apple id, then you can take the help of below-given steps. 

Steps to remove old phone number from apple id:

  • First of all, open the sign-in page of apple and log in with the help of your Apple credentials. 
  • Now moving on, go the account section of your id and look for the edit button. 
  • Next, under the id button, look for the 'change apple id phone number' and double press it. 
  • You will be required to enter a phone number in the blank column. You will receive a verification code as text on the same number. 
  • Enter the code and save the changes. And your phone number will be updated soon. 

The above steps are for how to change number on apple id In case of doubts, reach out to the support team of the Apple account. You can contact them through a phone number or write on their mail id. 



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