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You don’t see the issue of black screen error on HP laptop with windows 10 quite often, but sometimes when something goes wrong; your laptop displays a black or blank screen. The issue may occur before signing into Windows 10, after signing into Windows 10, with spinning dots and during set up guide. How do I fix a black screen error on my HP laptop? Well, you can follow the below steps to fix the issue which arises because of various situations and each situation can be fixed separately.

You can follow below steps to fix black screen on your HP laptop with windows 10 if it happens before you sign into windows 10.

  • You should check your connection. There might be issue of connection with your laptop or display. You can try below things:
    •  If you are using an HP laptop then you need to check if your display is plugged in and also turned on. In case there is a TV connected to your laptop then you need to make sure that it's turned on and set to the input for your laptop. You need to try connecting to different video outputs on your laptop.
    • Sometimes it may happen that a change in driver can cause the video to be sent to a different display adapter or output. If you have your own display adapter installed and connected to your display then you should try to connect your display to the built-in video on the motherboard.
  • You can also try removing or updating third-party antivirus software from your laptop. It is known that some third-party antivirus software cause black screens.
  • You can remove such software as it won’t leave your PC unprotected because when you remove antivirus Windows Defender Antivirus will kick in when no other antivirus software is running.
  • You can clean boot of your laptop.
  • You should check that your laptop’s video card is supported by Windows 10 or not.

So you can follow the above steps to fix the issue of black screen error on HP laptop. When you need support for HP printer for any issue then you can get it from us. You can simply get in touch and talk to our expert to get the support you are looking for. HP printer support


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