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How do I contact MSN about my email account?

People often get confused with the name of MSN as to what it is exactly. In case you are not aware of it then you should know MSN is nothing but the new name of Hotmail or Outlook, ever since Hotmail was taken over by Microsoft. If you have an old account on Hotmail, then you can use it by the same name, however, the parent company is now MSN.

Contacting the support team of MSN:

Sometimes users of outlook face the issue of Outlook accounts getting crashed and they are unable to log in or even exchange emails with each other. However, for the convenience of the MSN users, there is a team of MSN customer service and you can take their help to report your email address. To know about the ways to reach out to the MSN support team, scroll down.

Ways to contact the support team of MSN:

MSN Phone Number:

If you are trying to reach out to the customer care team of MSN, then the easiest way of reaching out to the support team is through a helpline number. There is a separate helpline number for the assistance of the users and you can literally contact that number just in case your Outlook support crashes totally.

  • For United States region dial +1 (800) 642 76767/ +1 (800) 892 5234 and speak to the (Microsot) MSN customer service team.
  • Dial +44 (0)344 800 2400 for the United Kingdom region and talk to agents in English.
  • For Canada region dial 877 568 2495 / 905 568 0434 / 800 892 5234 (TTY) and get assistance.

Email or the live chat:

Similarly, if you are unable to reach out to the MSN support team via call then you can even contact them through email or live chat. The live chat is available all the time just like the helpline number of the MSN. You can sum up your doubts in brief and then the support team will get back to you either on-call or by mail with the solution.

Types of doubts MSN support team solves:

  • If your MSN account gets hacked, you can inform the support team.
  • You can also register a complaint if you are unable to configure the email settings
  • You can contact them in case you are unable to exchange emails.
  • And hence that’ how to contact MSN support team, in case you are unable to use your email.

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