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How to Change Hotmail Password on Various Platform:

Today we all are capable of accessing our email accounts on our mobile phones. In this way, we can access our important emails anytime. However, there are times when we often need to change the password for our email account in order to ensure its security.

Changing a password is a necessary thing. Even though we sometimes choose to neglect its importance and thus, lose our account to hackers. However, changing the password from time to time also helps us to remember the latest one very easily.

Hotmail accounts are one of the wieldiest used accounts in the world. However, in recent times, Hotmail has been changed to Outlook by its parental company, Microsoft. Hotmail accounts provide various free and user-friendly services to its users. These accounts are generally used for accessing plenty of Microsoft services and business purposes.  Their services are compatible with both Apple and Android devices and changing its password is pretty easy.

Hence, this article will guide you with steps for Hotmail account password change on both Android and iPhone devices.

How to Change Hotmail Password on Android Phone:

Since a Hotmail account can enable you to access various Android services as well as other important features, you must know the steps to change Hotmail password on android. Here’s how you can do this.

  • In your Android phone, navigate to its settings section
  • Select Accounts and then select the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync option
  • Now, select Settings under the Common Settings section
  • Now select your Username under the Account Settings section
  • Next, select the Password to edit it
  • Enter the new password and save the changes

How to Change Hotmail Password on iPhone:

When you change Hotmail password on iPhone, you have to make sure that you have also changed it into all of your other Apple devices. Here is how you can change the password for your Hotmail account in your iPhone device.

  • Launch your mobile browser in your iPhone
  • Navigate to the sign-in page of Hotmail or Outlook
  • Enter the username and current password of your account
  • Click on the sign-in button and then scroll to the Settings gear
  • Click on the gear icon and move to the Mail Settings
  • Next, click on the Account Settings and scroll to the “Password and security info”
  • Select the Change Password option and then enter your new password
  • Follow any further on-screen instructions and then save the changes

Hence, you’ll be able to change your password for your Hotmail account. Make sure that you keep changing it on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you are still unable to change your password via the aforementioned steps then you can contact the technical support of Hotmail. The professional executive will surely help you with all the necessary guidance and other important information.

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