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Here’s What To Do When Your Flash Player Is Not Working In Google Chrome

Can’t stream your videos on Chrome or any other flash content? Well, this happens when the Adobe Flash Player isn’t installed into your device or isn’t working properly. However, one can easily fix the issues that might have caused the Flash player unable to respond issue.

Therefore, stick to this post until further and get to know about the easy fixes to resolve the Flash Player not working in Chrome issue.

Try These Fixes To Ensure Your Flash Player Is Working Properly

Unblock Your Adobe Flash Player

  • In your Google Chrome, move to the Settings section and then navigate to the Advanced section.
  • Now, switch to the Content Settings and then select the Flash option.
  • Next, enable the toggle button that says “Block sites from running Flash" and then scroll to the Block section.
  • Here, select the site name on which you wish to remove from the list and then again try connecting the site.

Enable The Flash Player In Your Chrome

  • In the Chrome Settings, move to the Advanced section and then select Content settings.
  • Here, click on Flash and then turn on the toggle switch for Ask first (recommended).
  • Then simply restart your Chrome browser then see if the Flash Players work properly.

Moreover, you can also try updating your Chrome and Flash to their latest version and see if they work as expected. But if you still face the Flash Player not working in Chrome issue then contact tech support for better assistance.

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