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Here’s What You Can Do When Your Yahoo Notifications Are Unable To Work

You can be a Yahoo user whether you use an Android Smartphone or an iPhone device. Yahoo accounts are quite famous for their amazing services and unquestionable reliability. They are equipped with various types of modern in-mail services and some advanced features.

They are compatible with all kinds of mobile and PC devices but there are times when users face issues with their Yahoo notifications. For some users, notifications can be quite important for many personal and professional reasons. However, if they don’t get their notifications on their notification on time then the real issue persists. Therefore, read this article further to know how to fix the Yahoo mail notifications not working issue on Android and iPhone devices.

Resolve Yahoo Notifications Not Working Issues In iPhone & Android Devices: Easy Fixes

  • Clear The Cache Of Your Yahoo App

Whether you are using an iPhone device or an Android device, you should get to the settings section of it and then find your Yahoo application. Once you have found the app then clear its cache files and then re-launch the application.

  • Check Out Your Internet Connection

You must check your internet connection to see that it is working actively and without any interruptions. However, you can also switch between your Wi-Fi and mobile data, if either one of them isn’t working properly.

  • Check Your Yahoo Mail App Filters

In case, if you have enabled any unwanted filter in your Yahoo mail application then you’ll need to remove them. Here’s how.

  • In your Yahoo application, move to the Settings section
  • Here, select the Filter option and then look for any unwanted filter that you may have created accidentally
  • Remove the filters and then re-launch your application to see if you can get the notifications

Furthermore, you can also check your app notifications in your respective device. See if you haven’t disabled them, if yes, then enable them and then reboot your device. If you are still facing the Yahoo mail notifications not working issue then contact tech-support to get professional assistance.

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