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Is Your Wifi Connected To PC But No Internet? Here’s How To Troubleshoot This:

Internet issues can be quite frustrating and they can hamper your work and personal stuff in many ways. Besides, an internet connection keeps you more connected than ever to the world these days. However, if it’s gone, then yes you’ll be most likely to sit at your place irritated all the time. Now, one of the most common issues that PC users face is when their wifi or network device is connected with their device but still, there’s no internet connection.

Well, such as issue can be caused due to variables such as slow internet, damaged or un-configured router device, too much DNS cache, and much more. So, if you are also facing the WiFi Connected But No Internet Access situation at your place, then here’s how you can fix this with some simple methods.

Simple Methods To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet Access Problem: Windows PC

Read the following methods and make your internet connection working back on.

Look Up On Your Router/Modem Device

First, check that your ADSL cable is properly connected with your router or you can also reconnect it. Plus, ensure that there no physical damage caused to your router, cable, or even the adapter.

Check The Lights On Your Router

Sometimes you can see the No Internet Access message in your due to any issue that occurred on your Internet Service provider’s end. To check this, have a look at your router, turn it on, and see the Wifi indicator light blink first and then get stable. Also, if all the other lights and cables are perfectly fine, then contact your ISP if your internet connection is still not active.

Restart your Router & PC

Many times, rebooting your PC & router device can help you fix several common internet issues without any hassle. Hence, try rebooting both the devices and see if you can get access to your internet connection.

Try Troubleshooting From Your Windows PC

  • In your Windows PC, navigate to the network icon on the taskbar, right-click on it, and then select Troubleshoot Problems from the appeared options.
  • Now, the Windows Network Diagnostics will start detecting the issues with your network, and either fix them redirect you to the troubleshooting page where you can fix them manually.

Get Rid Of The Flush DNS Cache From The PC

The DNS cache can be one of the major root causes to make you face the WiFi Connected But No Internet Access issue. It is usually stored by your PC devices and some part of it could be corrupted as well. Hence, try removing it from your device.

  • Press the Windows + R keys altogether in your PC, then enter cmd to launch the command prompt window and then enter command ipconfig/flushdns in it.

  • Hit Enter to see the DNS resolver cache getting flushed.

Checkout The Proxy Server Settings

Proxy server settings are saved from your network connection. If you switch to another connection, then you may face the No Internet Access issue due to previously added manual proxy server settings. Hence, you’ll need to override the settings, here’s how.

  • Go to Internet Options in your Control Panel, then scroll to the Internet Properties window, & select LAN settings from the Connections tab.

  • Uncheck everything from the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window and select OK to automatically override the manual proxy server settings.

Moreover, contact tech-support professionals to get better assistance on fixing the No Internet Access issue.

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