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How to Fix the issue of Verizon email not working

Verizon email is one of the widely used email services, which allows its users to send and receive emails effectively. Although it has the best features, some users have reported issues for Verizon email. If you encounter an email not working issue in Verizon, it could be due to several reasons. So, before fixing the issue, you must know about the causes of the issue. As email is one of the basic requirements for the users, it becomes important to keep it in proper working condition. Verizon email is compatible with all the devices, so you have to check for the issues on all devices. The fixes and troubleshooting for Verizon email not working issues are discussed in the following article.

Some Useful Fixes for Verizon email not working:

When you find that your Verizon email is not working and you are unable to use your account, you need to try some basic troubleshooting to resolve the issue. Here are the common fixes for the issue:

  • Initially, you need to check your internet connection as without or unstable internet email can't be received or sent. So, it is the basic requirement to have a proper internet connection for the working of Verizon email.

  • You can also check for the server outage issue on the official website of Verizon. If it is there, you have to wait till it is fixed by Verizon technicians.

  • If you are accessing Verizon's email on the browser, you can check for its pending update. If any update is available, you must complete it for the proper working of email and other applications.

  • For uninterrupted email service, you must check for the OS updates also. If you find any available update, get the latest version.

  • To use the Verizon email service, you need to have valid credentials for the account. If any of the login info is incorrect, access is denied.

  • The issue might be due to incorrect email or server settings. So, you must check and update the settings.

  • You can also check for the antivirus and firewall installed in the system. To fix the issue, you can try disabling this software.

  • There could be an issue with the filters also. So, you must check it properly to fix the issue.

  • Sometimes, the storage space of the email is full. So, it becomes important to either delete the emails or get the space upgraded.

For any other query, you can get in touch with Verizon technical support through the contact details available on its website.

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