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Ways to Fix Unable to Connect to Roku Service Error Code 001:

Roku is an online media player that connects to home networks like TV, computers and stream music, photos or digital video. The Roku device receives the entertainment data through a Wi-Fi connection from an internet router. To use the Roku streaming player, users need to activate it for which they need to enter a code displayed on their TV or computer. However a lot many times during the activation process the error code 001 displays. Whenever the code is entered, the error occurs. If you are facing a similar problem and want to know how to fix the Roku service error code 001 then you can follow the ways given below and fix the issue.

Some Basic Steps to Fix Roku Error oo1:

Activation Code:

To complete the activation process of the Roku device users need to enter a code. So make sure that the code you entered is correct. You can note down the code and then enter it carefully. Also, remember the code expires after a certain period so enter it before that time. You can also generate a new code through the Help menu if you face any problem with the earlier one.

Network connection:

Another way to fix the error is to check your internet connection. Sometimes even when the internet is on, the network is not strong enough to let it work. So check by loading any pages. If they do not load, then the issue is with the internet.  To fix it check if the Ethernet or LAN cable is connected properly if you have a wired connection. For Wi-Fi connection check the router settings and the corresponding streaming device settings like this:

  • Open the Settings menu      
  • Go to the Network option
  • Now check the connection

If the issue is with the internet then you can contact your Internet Service Provider and fix it.

Server issue:

The Roku error 001 can also appear because of the server issue. The server can be slow or faulty. Also, make sure your screen is not purple. To fix server error, get the IP address of the website using the DNS server. Now open the IP socket and use the HTTP data stream. You can then check if you are receiving data back from the socket. If yes then use this IP address to reconnect to the server.

Streaming stick issue:

  • There can also be an issue with your streaming stick. So before beginning your setup process, make sure you have selected the correct input port.
  • These are a few ways that you can try to fix Roku service error code 001 and resume streaming entertainment on your TV or computer.

If you are still unable to connect to Roku service error code 001 then the easiest way is to contact the  Roku Phone Number. They have vast knowledge and thus can provide prompt solutions. The executive will help you by providing assured solutions.

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  • mick andreson
  • 17-Aug-20
  • It occurs sometimes during the process of connecting a streaming player to a Roku account when the Roku activation code is denied by the Roku server. This is because either the code being entered is incorrect or there is a wider problem on the server end
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