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How to fix Paypal Account Suspended Issue?

This is one of the mail we hope to never receive that “Your account is being suspended”. There could be the various reasons for being suspended by paypal that you may be selling restricted items on the website, a number of complaints, being linked to a suspended account. 

To propel all these languishing problems, and to enable paypal account after suspension, here are some of the great ways which will be quite helpful for resolving the issue of paypal account suspended.

Follow the steps to open a PayPal account after being suspended

These are the basic, quick points that one should know to open a paypal account after being suspended

Set up another payment gateway:-

  • To start the process, you are strongly recommended to have more than one payment gateway at all times. This would let you to do the process of running transactions if one of the payment gateways fails for some reason. This way you can easily run your business.

Appeal your suspension:-

  • Once you have the payment gateway up and running and your accepting payments again, you can check the reason for the suspension of the account. PayPal has defined some basic steps, that you may use to resolve the issue of paypal account suspension.

Clean all the cache and cookies:-

  • Sometimes due to the accumulation of cache and cookies with the account, it is not possible to use the PayPal account easily, so you are recommended to remove all the browsing history from the default browser. This way you can easily use all the accounts easily.

Besides, above all the points on the paypal account suspended due to suspicious activity, if you want immediate help from the team, you can call directly to the customer support team of PayPal. Apart from that, the user can mail their concern to the concerned department for further solutions or Answers to the problem. Sometimes it’s better to take help from friends, colleagues, or others to take a solution in resolving the issue.

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