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 An Illustrative Guide to How to fix PayPal app not working Properly:

Everyone in this world is now dependent on technology and digital platforms. In this era of digitization, everything is now done with just the tap of fingertips and now the latest one is with your voice. Users are now relaxed that their work can now be done sitting in a place. Some of the interesting things that technology has introduced are some applications like Google maps for directions, various payment gateways to transfer money, bank applications to handle transactions, etc. Users are now so much dependent and used to technology that they cannot think of performing their work without any single application.

And, the latest application that came to be known and handles bank transactions safely and easily is PayPal. This application is known to be one of the best applications for transactions. Let us make you aware of PayPal and its functions. 

Bringing You Closer to PayPal! 

PayPal is an online payments application that is used all around the world by different users to make, save, and perform their bank-related transactions. This is an application that can be downloaded from the application center and used by creating an account on it and entering the bank details of the account that you want to associate it with. PayPal has received quite a good response from the users because of its high-class service and outstanding customer support. But, just like the grass does not remain green the whole year, in the same way, PayPal app not working issues can be faced by users. If you are also such a user who is facing the issue and do not know how to get rid of this then you can refer to the tips below to know how to get it resolved. 

Why is PayPal not working today?

  1. The first reason that needs to be considered is when using the application you do not have a stable and nice internet connection. 

  2. Another reason is when you are ordering something and you do not have sufficient funds in your account. 

  3. If you were using the application without logging into PayPal then you have a certain limit of using it. And that you must have exceeded the limit. 

  4. Also, it can be possible that the PayPal server must be down or not responding properly. 

There are many other reasons because of which you are facing PayPal not working issues and creating hindrances. To get away with the issue, you can try the tips below. 

Resolutions to Fix PayPal Not Working! 

  1. Start by verifying your internet connection. If not working then contact your network service provider. 

  2. To check the funds, click on the “Money” option and use any debit or credit card as a transfer the only purpose so that you have the permission to transfer and pay funds. 

  3. If you were using a PayPal account without logging into it then you need to log into the account and then make use of it without hassle. 

  4. In case there is a PayPal server down then you can wait for a few minutes for its officials will fix it within 15 minutes. 

  5. You can even take the help of any antivirus application so that the virus can be removed in case PayPal is affected by it. 

  6. Users can even try to uninstall and then install the application so that its services are refreshed. 

With the above details, you come to know about how to resolve PayPal not working issue. If your issue persists then you shall not panic. You are free to get in touch with the customer support of PayPal so that they can resolve your issue on the spot and without and service fee.  

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