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How to fix the Gmail notifications on iPhone?

Gmail mail is used by maximum users these days for exchanging emails and accessing other online services. A lot of Gmail account users who access this mail on the iPhone often complain of not receiving notifications. If you also use the iPhone to log in your email account and not receiving notifications then maybe you need to fix it. 

Turning on Notifications in the iPhone  

The biggest reason behind not receiving Gmail notifications on iPhone can be because you have not turned on the notifications. But to fix the issue, the user can take the help of below-given details. 

  • On any of the Apple devices, open the Gmail app. 

  • Now in the top left side click on the menu settings. 
  •  Next, select the account and then tap on the notifications and select the notification level. 

Steps for getting important Emails 

There are a lot of emails which are important and can't be missed. And in that case, the user can follow the below-given steps to fix it. 

  • Go to the Gmail app on your phone or iPad and log in to your account. 

  • Now in the menu present in the left corner, click on the Settings link
  • Select your account and move to the notifications option. 
  • Now from here, select the high priority only option with which you will receive all the important emails first and the less important ones after that.
  • In case you want to turn off the notifications, you can go back to the settings and disable all the settings. 

And hence you are done with fixing the issue of Gmail in the iPhone. But if in case you find Gmail notifications not working iPhone then contact the customer care team in Gmail. They will resolve all your issues. 


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