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How to fix Norton is not detecting malware

When users are dependent on digital data, it becomes more vulnerable. And with the increase in cyber threats and crimes, it is at the same time becoming evident that data can even be hacked. Sometimes, it happens that the data gets infected with viruses and malware and in the end, it gets damaged. If you are such a user who is worried about data damage or loss then you can stop it. It can be done with the help of antivirus applications. These applications help keep your data protected and combat it from viruses and malware. 

Some of the known antivirus applications are Norton, Avast, McAfee, etc. But if you are a regular user of Norton antivirus application then you shall be satisfied by its services and functions. However, if you are finding issues in working with it and its functioning and do not know how to get it resolved then you shall not panic. 

All you need is to know the reasons behind Norton not detecting malware and then ways to get it resolved. So, for that, you can refer to the information mentioned in this article. 

Reasons Behind Norton Not Detecting Malware! 

  1. The first and foremost reason is when the device is not getting sufficient internet connection. Nowadays, every application works with an internet connection. And if the application or device does not have a proper internet connection. 

  2. Also when you have ended the subscription with Norton then some of its functions that work only on payment stops to work. And one function can be this that Norton is not detecting the malware. 

  3. Another reason that can cause the issue is when you do not update the Norton antivirus application to its latest version. 

With some of the reasons that can cause issues when using Norton antivirus and its functioning. The ways to fix such an issue are mentioned below. 

Resolutions to Fix Norton Not Detecting Malware! 

  1. Start by checking the very basic details. Which is by verifying the internet connection. If that is not connected then contact your service provider or operator to get the issues resolved. 

  2. Check the subscription if it has not ended. If you find that it is finished then you need to pay for it again to avail of the services which are stopped. 

  3. Also, do not forget to update the Norton Antivirus application to the latest version. Check that from the application settings, and if you find it not updated then do not wait anymore and proceed to update it. 

Even after trying the tips above your issue is not resolved then you can contact Norton customer support. This customer support is 24/7 active on the various platforms to help users. 

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