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Why is My iPhone not Showing Emails in Inbox? How Do I Fix This Problem?

A lot of users access their email account on the iPhone to send and receive emails as it is one of the best ways to obtain high-end mailing services. But sometimes many circumstances come when you someone sends you an email and you are not able to show in your iPhone as it doesn’t show any email notification whereas the sender already sends you the email. It is one of the most common issues among iPhone users and everyone may face this issue once in a while. There could be plenty of reasons if your iPhone not showing emails in inbox and you can very resolve this issue after following the simple and easy troubleshooting steps.

Simple and Quick Methods to Fix iPhone Not Showing Emails In Inbox:

Method 1: Check the proper internet connectivity

Make sure that your iPhone is connecting to the proper internet connection which is highly required to get an email in your inbox. If you don’t have the proper internet connectivity, then you will not able to see any email in the inbox. So you should check the internet connection or use cellular data instead of a Wi-Fi connection.

Method 2: Check mail sync settings

You can simply check the mail syncing settings in your iPhone and then you will get the emails that can be done through the below steps:

  • First of all, open the Settings of your iPhone.

  • Scroll down to the Mail option.

  • Tap on Accounts option.

  • Now select your email account and then tap on Mail Days to Sync option.

  • After that, set it to No Limit option.

Method 3: Check your notification settings

Ensure that you have enabled the notification settings for email and you can check it through the below steps:

  • Open the Settings of your iPhone.

  • Tap on Notifications.

  • Tap on Mail and then select your email account.

  • Now check whether the notification settings are turned or not.

With the help of the above-given steps, iPhone not showing emails in inbox problem will be resolved in a highly simple and instant manner. If you are still not able to get any email notification, then you can directly contact the customer support team for obtaining the better assistance.

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