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How To Fix The Internet Not Working On A Laptop?

 These days the internet becomes an important part of our life. No doubt, it makes our life easy and we can access different information anytime. The best part is that communication becomes easy. With such leverages, it turns into vital things that we required every day. 
It is hard to imagine one day without the internet. From personal to professional we need continuous internet supply. But, due to some glitches and technical issues internet not working on laptop. We have covered some methods to fix the internet. 

Steps To Fix Internet Connection on Laptop: 

First, we have started the basic steps, and if it does not provide a solution, then move to the next one. 

  • Check your WiFi connection. Make sure it is turned ON. You can check it by clicking on “No network connections” and select the connectivity 
  • Here, don’t forget to check airplane mode. It should be off as it restricts all kind of networks to connect with the device
  • If everything is ok, then follow the below-shown steps:
  1.  Go to the active network
  2. Click right on it
  3. You can see two options; the first one is canceled, and the second one “Disconnect” 
  4. You have to click on the Disconnect
  • Now, try to connect with them again, and wait for a few minutes 
    • In this step, you can open a browser and see the network is working or not. You can check the internet strength too. In many cases, the modem shows that you are getting full connection but the signal strength is too low to run the system. 

It is the most basic way to troubleshoot issues. The best part of it is that you can do this without any guidance from experts. If you find it hard to get the exact solution, then you can run the “Network troubleshooter.” We have mentioned detailed steps below. 

Fix Internet with “Network Troubleshooter”:

  • Open Settings on your computer or any other device
  • Choose network and settings, and click on status
  • Here you have to make some changes to your network. All you have to select “Network troubleshooter” 
  • You can see different instructions on the screen. You have to follow them and complete the process 

If still, you are facing the connection problem, then direct the next methods.

Reset the Modem:

  • It is an easy way to fix such internet connection problems. 
  • Click on the restart button of Modem three times 
  • Now, you have to select on reset option 
  • It will automatically delete all the data and connected devices. Though it is not permanent, you can again connect to your device with the network 
  • This method remove all kind of cache and create a new connection

You can see how easy is to troubleshoot the internet connection. It may take time to make a connection with a laptop. It depends on the method you will choose. 

If you are facing more complex issues, like a problem related to hardware then you can connect with a modem support system. All you have to search for the internet company customer support. Even many firms provide quick live person assistance; you can opt for it, and solve the problem fast.

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