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Find the solutions to resolve AT&T email fault on iPhone:

AT&T is an excellent web-based email service that is used by several people in the world. Although, AT&T email works quite efficiently on several devices, yet sometimes it may show an error. Recently, iPhone users have complained about AT&T email stopped working unexpectedly. However, you can get rid of the AT&T email trouble on iPhone by following some techniques. If you want to explore the methods for fixing the AT&T email not working on iPhone error, grab the data from below.

Check the internet:

  • A proper internet connection is necessary to access AT&T email services on iPhone
  • Hence, check your internet and try to make a stable connection

Restart iPhone:

  • Switch off your iPhone when the AT&T email stops working
  • Then restart your device and try to access AT&T again as restarting iPhone might fix the problem

Re-add AT&T setup:

  • Open iPhone settings and go to Mail, Contacts, and calendars
  • Click add accounts and enter AT&T email login details
  • Next, move to IMAP settings and submit the required information
  • Then move to Outgoing mail server and select SMTP
  • Hereafter, enter other needed details and tap save
  • At last, restart your iPhone and try accessing AT&T email again

Hence, you might be able to fix the AT&T email not working on iPhone error by following the above-presented techniques. On the other hand, if you failed to manage the AT&T email trouble on your iPhone, receive help from a technical expert. Contact the customer service team of AT&T to get better solutions for resolving the email service error that has occurred on your iPhone.

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