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How to fix my Canon Printer Error 5100 successfully?

It is a good thing about Canon printers that they excel to provide the world-class printing quality of the documents that are to be printed. Sometimes,  there is a huge hassle in printing the documents as it is one of the important things to plug the device containing the document for printing it with the printer. Canon printers successfully solve all the problems as soon as it provides you a feature to print the content by connecting your device wirelessly.

The wireless printing capability is there to print anything from anywhere without making you bring the device towards the printer. This feature is available for various devices like smartphones (Android/iOS), desktops, etc. Coming to the troubleshooting steps, one can easily fix the Canon 5100 printer by following some simple steps. But for that, it is important for us to know the reasons behind it. There can be various problems that can lead to Canon 5100 printers, not printing. The manual has all the troubleshooting steps to get to know about the problem and fixing them. Once the main problem is rectified then it is quite easy to fix the printer. 

Steps to Fix Canon Error 5100 Printer:

Here is a step-by-step guide to fix the canon error 5100 printers, read ahead for the details.

You can follow the steps to fix your printer. 

  • First, you need to check for Paper Jam that might happen Inside the Printer: Paper jam is something that is quite unpredictable. So, when the printer stops working well, the first thing that a user should do is to check if there is any kind of paper jam inside the printer. This can be done by lifting the tray place on the top of the printer.
  • If you do not find the paper jam in the printer, then you need to check the Printer Cartridge Fitting to get the printer fixed. This you can do easily by fixing the printer cartridge by lifting it out for once and reinstalling it. 
  • If the problem still persists, the user can opt to reset the Canon Printer that he owns. This can be easily done via the system software. After that, you need to unplug it and manage the whole system to set it up again. 
  • If nothing favorable happens by this time, then you need to go for cleaning that dust that enters inside the printer. That is why it is suggested that the printer should be kept in a dust-free place. Also, it should always be covered with a cloth.
  • Another step is to go for cleaning the Strip/Encoder of printing, which is again quite crucial and difficult at the same time to manage. 
  • If the problem is not sorted, then you must look for other possible reasons for obstacles or obstruction and get them sorted at ease. The last available option is to reset the ink absorber of your printer.

If you still find any chance of an issue, you can call the hardware support person to assist you with your issues.

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