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How to fix Earthlink not Receiving Emails?

Are you someone who has to interact with a lot of people on a daily basis on emails? If yes then signing up for the user-friendly email service will fix all your issues paving the way in your work. And signing up for the Earth link email can be a productive attempt. But sometimes users often end up facing issues related to the emails and to fix it, you can take the help of troubleshooting.

Steps to fix Earth link not receiving emails

  • If you are not able to get any new emails in your mailbox then first of all check if you had given the right username to your sender. In case you end up sending the wrong email user name then you won’t be able to communicate via email.
  • Next, try to check the internet connection properly before going for any type of email. Often we forget to turn on the internet and then complain of not being able to send or receive any fresh emails.
  • Clear all the cache files and cookies from the inbox. Also, make sure to delete all the unwanted emails that you don’t use anymore.
  • Try to make all types of updates in the email box if you want to use it without any hassle. Make sure to update your browser so that you can log in to your email.
  • In case you end up forgetting the password or the username of your earth link email then try to use the account recovery methods to log in to the Earth link email without any hindrance.
  • If you are expecting someone’s email but unable to get any then maybe you have blocked the user. In case you have blocked the user then you won’t be able to receive any email.

Contacting the customer service team

If you still face the issue of earth link not receiving the email then maybe it’s high time that you call the customer care team of Earth link. You can call on the helpline number or simply drop a quick mail or text. Once notified the team will get back to you with the solution and done.  The support team works 24x7 and you can take their help without any second thoughts.

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