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Elaborate on the process of deleting the Juno email account:

The attempt to delete the email account of Juno is a severe concern for many users. Juno offers both broadband and a dial-up connection to the customers. You can enjoy various services of Juno, but if you no longer wish to avail of the services, then you can opt for deleting the account.

How to delete my Juno email account?” is the concern of many users that looks for its answer. You can go through the steps mentioned below to delete our account. You are also free to connect with the customer support team for more assistance.

The process of deleting the Juno Account:

  • You need to first sign out of all your Juno account that is opened on your computer or mobile.
  • Then, you have to go to the right corner of the page and click on sign-in. You need to log in to your Juno account that you want to delete. You will have to open your account details.
  • In the next step, you will have to click on the downward pointing arrow next to your profile picture and hit the option of Accounts.
  • After that, you will have to click on the data tools that will be located at the top of your screen. In the data tools box, you need to scroll down to the Account Management option and click on Delete account and data.
  • The next step is to tick all the boxes and confirm agreeing to the fact that you will lose access to Juno services.
  • The last step is to enter your account password to confirm the deletion of the account and then check the box. Then, you need to click on the Delete Juno account.

This is how you can delete Juno email account. We hope that you have now got the answer to the question asked above. For more queries, you can call on the customer support to know more about Juno's email. The executives of the customer support will help you get proper knowledge about it.

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