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Can I cancel my subscription with Roku?

If you have purchased a Roku subscription but fail to run it because of various reasons, then you can cancel them. However, many new users who purchased for the first time fail to cancel it, but Roku provides an easy process to cancel it. All here, you need to direct some steps that are discussed below. 

Steps to cancel Roku Subscription: 

  • Go to the home button of the Roku remote. 
  • Now, you can see the direction button in the middle of the remove. You can use them to navigate the arrow on the streaming device.
  • You have to select the channel which you want to discontinue. Now, you can go with the all one if you wish to 
  • To explore the option for a certain channel, you have to press the start button present in the remote. 
  • When you open this, you can see the different options through which you can make changes to your current subscription. Here you can see the renewal, cancellation, or add new services option. 
  • As here you are going to end the services, then you can go with the “cancel subscription” option. When you open this, then you can see the various things that you have to select and go through the instructions present on the screen. 
  • Now when you select the cancel or end subscription, then you can see the end date of it or the last day of accessing it. 
  • Click “confirm my request” and submit it. Now, you will get the message of ending the subscription. 

Now, it may happen that you find it hard to run them on the remote. So you can do this with your phone too. For this, there is certain different instruction. 

How to cancel a subscription to Roku?

  • Open your device and go to the official website of Roku. 
  • Now, you have to provide the information to log in to the account. In case you find some issues while login, then you can recover the account, or you can go with the customer support team.  
  • Go to the bottom of the page and then select manage subscription. 
  • Select the cancel my subscription with Roku 
  • You have to select or mention the reason behind the cancellation and submit the form. 

You can see how you can cancel Roku subscription with remote as well as online. However, it depends on you which one seems suitable to you. You can even go with the customer support of Roku for any kind of assistance.

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