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Whether you have billing-related queries or are unhappy with Comcast service, you can get a human at Comcast anytime. You can get a human at Comcast via calling, emailing, social media, etc. However, if you are unsure how to get a human at Comcast? You can contact Comcast on call by following the information below.

How to Contact a Live Person at Comcast

You can dial the Comcast customer service number. Follow the automatic system prompts below 

  • Press 1 for billing or technical help
  • Press 2 if you are new and want to buy a service
  • Press 3 when moving to the new address and want to move your services
  • Press 4 to disconnect the services
  • Press 5 for existing customers, and if you're going to add services to the account
  • Press 6 to remove the services.

You can press 0 and then 1 for English. Press 2 if you are not an existing Comcast customer

Be on the call and wait for a few minutes to connect with the live agent.

So in this way you can get a live person anytime. How do I get a human at Comcast? You can also use other contact options available on the support page of the airline to get a human at Comcast.

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