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How to setup Rogers email on iPhone?

Roger's email provides the user's facility to add up to 8 secondary emails easily. But in order to set up, it is necessary for the users t set up the secondary Email first. Roger is one of the giant telecommunication service providers of Canada that helped the users to get services such as operating internet services, cable, phone services, magazines and radio stations, and so on. If you need a rogers email setup on iPhone then follow the below steps easily and get it done.

How do I set up Rogers email account on iPhone?

Follow the below steps in order to set up rogers email account in a very simple and easy way.

  • The initial step is to log in to your Rogers email account as the primary account holder, and press on the option of "My Account" or "Member Centre" located on top of the Rogers Yahoo! Or Rogers Yahoo! Mail page
  • Tap on the "Manage Secondary Accounts" quick link. This will open the My Account and Billing page.
  • Press on the "Create New Secondary Account" button in the Secondary Accounts section of the My Account and Billing page. This will result in the appearance of the End User Agreement page. Press "I Accept" at the bottom of the page, and then tap on the "Next" button. This will redirect you to the Secondary Account Creation Page.
  • Type the username in the "Choose a Username" field, after that type the password in the "Choose a Password" field. Re-enter the password in the "Retype Password" field
  • User will have to enter the first as well as the last name in the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields, then provide the postal code in the "Postal Code" field, and then enter your birthday in the "Date of Birth" field.
  • Pick the gender in the "Gender" field. Choose a security question in the "Security Question?" field, and provide the answer to the question in the "Your Answer" field, then press the “Next” option.
  • Now users can easily access the secondary account by choosing the "Sign in as a Different User" button located on top of the Rogers Yahoo! Or Rogers Yahoo! Mail page.

These were the steps by which user can easily set up the account, if any more details or information is required on Rogers email iPhone settings, then do not hesitate to contact the customer care number in order to speak to the representative is a very simple and easy way. Roger is one of the best email services provides around the world which provides premium services without any hassle.

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