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Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest growing and used web browser in the world. It is free, secure and very light browser for all kind of users. Though Mozilla Firefox is very user-friendly and robust, users may encounter with certain technical problems with Mozilla Firefox. Especially Mozilla Firefox is note opening in windows 7 is a very common problem. It is very difficult to work if we face the issue often and can be a great hindrance to our work output. Due to limited technical knowledge, we may not know how to tackle with the Mozilla not opening issue. We will tell you sone quick and easy troubleshoots if you find your Mozilla Firefox is not opening in windows 7. Follow these steps and check if the problem is resolved.
Steps to fix Mozilla Firefox is not opening in windows 7

  • Restart your Firefox by clicking on the Quit Firefox from the Firefox menu. If the problem persist try again and restart your computer
  • Firefox not opening issue can be resolved by clearing the cookies and caches. From the Mozilla Firefox tools section, you can delete caches and cookies
  • Try disabling or removing any newly added add-ons.
  • Sometimes you may face issue with Firefox due to incorrect settings, restore the Firefox default settings and try to open again
  • Try disable any plugin which may cause the issue
  • A corrupt file can cause various problems with Mozilla Firefox. Try make a new profile test if the problem is get solved
  • If the problem persists, remove the Firefox and reinstall it again.

If all the above steps do not resolve the problem of Mozilla Firefox is not opening in windows 7, consider taking expert help from our Mozilla Firefox customer support. We are a leading third party remote service provider for all Mozilla Firefox technical issues. Our Mozilla Firefox technical support number is easily accessible by everyone 24/7.

Support offered by Mozilla Firefox technical support number

  • Firefox configuration and setting up
  • Plug=ins not working properly
  • Unable to install and reinstall Mozilla Firefox in the systems
  • Firefox extensions are not working
  • Firefox caches and cookies related issues
  • Mozilla Firefox crashing problem
  • Firefox denies access to some websites
  • Security issues with Mozilla Firefox
  • Firefox performance and slow down problem
  • Firefox not able to print
  • Other technical errors with Firefox

You can connect with our certified and experienced professionals through Mozilla Firefox customer service number. Get affordable and instant solution, call us now.

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